Dec. 11th, 2012

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Wow; for once, I didn't post anything here about NaNoWriMo this year. Huh. Maybe there's something to this "don't talk about what you're working on" thing. Which is a bummer, because I like talking about whatever project I'm currently excited about. And I was - and am - very excited about this year's story. I hit 50k early for the first time ever, and kept going until the story was finished, at 54.6k. Wow. Of course, that's NaNo-rough, so the size may come out very different after editing and rewrites ;). Also new this year: I'm looking forward to said editing. I lived with this thing for a month and am not sick of it. Wow. I even actually have hopes of shopping this one around, so I apologize but I'm going to be vague about it.

Thanks, as I said in my victory post, to the mods and denizens of [ profile] allyear_sprints: if I had been a more dedicated sprinter I could have finished even earlier. Thanks also, of course, to my beloved [ profile] kiwifruitbat for encouraging and setting his own high word counts for me to try to beat ;) and [ profile] thulrandir for the genesis of the idea and for being my sounding-board and cheerleader at every step.

Basically it's a steampunky AU with an American (shameless author-insert at the moment, I'll fix her later) professor doing research for a grant proposal, a dashing Australian airship captain who's, like, Malcolm Reynolds meets Allan Quatermain, and the captain's gorgeous nemesis, who is Ba'al or maybe Lucius Malfoy. ;) Also dinosaurs are involved, and heinous misuse of aboriginal mythology. I heartily apologize and I promise I'll fix it.


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