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May. 6th, 2014 01:24 pm
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I need to write more.

Well, I need to write more that isn't RP, and preferably not fanfic. I haven't written original fic outside of NaNoWriMo in... I can't even remember. Six and a half years? If that angsty/creepy doodle that never actually used Lucius' and Narcissa's names counts as not-fanfic. Otherwise nine, all the way back to the pieces I wrote for the online creative writing class when I was living in Kansas City. Wow.

So I've gone back to 750 words. 'Cause that seems like a good number to shoot for each day. Not NaNo-pace, but big enough that it isn't just a matter of dashing something off to get it over with for the day. I can't remember my old login info, so I had to start a new account, and sadly have therefore lost my old stats, though actually I'm not sure they would even still be relevant after such a long time.

So eenyhoo, come join me over there. It's free, though after June 12th new accounts will have to pay to subscribe after 30 days, so get in under the wire ;)

EDIT: herp derp, I misread the membership page and it was June 12th of _last_ year. Oops. Now I do wish I could remember my old login info :p
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