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Well, I didn't win last week, but I wasn't eliminated; with only three entries it had me nervous. So now it's time to do it again! The remaining three in the semifinals.

Vote one, vote all, vote great, vote small...
It's Round 5 Challenge 3. Click the banner to go to the voting post and vote for the final three left standing, because there can only be one and the odds are made by your favour. The subject is Dark Creatures (Thestral) and Severus Snape with a canon character of choice. They're less miserable than the usual tripe, Snape would say, because that means the best.
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Welcome to Round 5, Challenge 2 voting at [livejournal.com profile] darkarts_ldws
Click and vote, it's simple, so simple Voldemort couldn't understand it.
The character is Gellert Grindelwald (and a canon character of the author's choice)
The prompt is Acromantula. It will be fun. Maybe even instructive. ;)
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In honor of All Hallow's Eve, I'm inviting trick-or-treaters to my 'door.' Comment "Trick or Treat" to this post and... well, you know the drill. Treats can be anything that strikes my fancy (pics of your fave actors or pairings, one sentence fics, graphics, a few words why I'm glad to have you on my flist, etc. etc.). The more "houses" to visit the more fun it'll be, so go ahead, open your journal and help spread the fun!
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Eeeee, omg, I won!

(that's my writing-only journal)

Pic is a link to the results post, which in turn has a link to the voting post which now has author names revealed.

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Voting is up at [livejournal.com profile] darkarts_ldws for challenge 1 of round 5. I'm in there (somewhere)! Please go vote and maybe sign up for the next round ;)

at [livejournal.com profile] darkarts_ldws. The prompt is boggart(s) and the characters are Bellatrix Lestrange and a canon character of the author's choice. Add your voice! The mod and writers thank you! All contestants must vote. Click the banner to find the voting post.
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I may be crazy for signing up for this while also planning to do NaNoWriMo. We shall see.

Click the banner to take you to [livejournal.com profile] darkarts_ldws 5th Round, Dark Creatures, and sign up for a hard-driving LDWS that allows you to use all your cunning and ingenuity.
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Despite an inauspicious beginning, yesterday turned out pretty well overall.

[livejournal.com profile] kiwifruitbat loves airplanes. Like seriously. "It's the one thing I might give up roleplaying for." So when I got a LivingSocial deal last month for an introductory flight lesson, I jumped on it and told him I would need him on Saturday the 15th (but wouldn't tell him why). I put "Alan's Birthday Adventure" on the wall calendar in the kitchen, and he put "Sierra's Evil Plot" on the calendar on his phone.

It was soooo hard not to tell him, because I knew how excited he would be and I couldn't wait to see that big cheesy grin and know it was because of something I'd done. The problem with having a low-maintenance husband is that it's really really hard to do big awesome things for him, the way he's done for me on two birthdays now. So I've spent the whole past month just absolutely giddy at the idea of returning the favor.

And it was sooo worth it. We drove up to Placerville (in Mom's car) and made it there in time, and the instructors even let me walk around and listen as they taught the other students about all the flaps and lights and I-don't-even-know-what about planes, which was neat because I thought I'd just have to sit in the office for those three hours. In hindsight, I probably should have stayed inside, since I wasn't expecting to be in the sun and thus didn't have any sunblock or hat or umbrella or anything. Oops.

Turns out Alan had, in fact, had lessons before, a long time ago in New Zealand. So much of what the instructors were teaching was jogging his memory, and things came back to him as he was in the simulator. And after lunch when the time came for each student to go up with an instructor and fly for half an hour, since he remembered the basics, his instructor had him do a little more than the other students were able to do. Like LAND THE PLANE BY HIMSELF. omg

So he has an official Pilot's Log Book now and that half hour counts toward the 50 or whatever he needs to get a private pilot's license. Which unfortunately may have to wait a while because it's a damn lot of money. But as I said, the shit-eating grin that hardly left his face all day was worth every penny.
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About a month ago, I walked out to the car one morning to take myself to work, only to discover that one of my wheels was gone. Stolen right off my car. What the hell? No other damage or theft, just apparently someone wanted/needed a Camry wheel. I filed a police report and an insurance claim, yadda yadda. The police are unlikely to do anything, since it wasn't a break-in, and since the cost of replacing said wheel and tire is less than my deductible, we'd end up paying out of pocket anyway. Grr. Luckily, my spare is full-size and not a donut. So we threw that on and carried on driving the car until we could save up enough to replace the spare.

Yesterday morning, [livejournal.com profile] kiwifruitbat and I are ready to head off on his birthday adventure (in another post), and discover THE SAME EXACT WHEEL MISSING AGAIN! This time they at least left the car on the jack. Thanks, assholes, that's real thoughtful of you.

Thank God mom had chosen to stay the night before and take the baby home with her in the morning instead of just taking him that night; she let us take her car so we were able to still do my "evil plot." If she hadn't been there, there's no way we could have made it in time and the entire day would have been shot.

But seriously, who steals a wheel off a car? JUST TAKE THE GODDAMN CAR. Other than Morgan's booster seat, there was nothing of value inside, and pretty much any damage incurred would be enough to total it out. But no, it's just a wheel. "Just" even though it's $100+ and even that's a big imposition on our budget.
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I finally got smart and decided to write a catch-up post when there isn't something big hovering over me. So, nothing big and "news-worthy" but lots of little general life stuff.

Morgan )

Liam )

Home )

Alan & me )
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I was linked to this on Facebook and I feel like I can't share it enough places:

Bikers Against Child Abuse make abuse victims feel safe

This restores my faith in humanity on a day that began with horrible news.
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Been a while, hm? Weeks 9 and 10 I merely held steady, and week 11 I started actually creeping back up the scale, so by week 12 I hadn't wanted to post. But it's the end of another "month" now and I decided I would post my numbers today no matter what they were (which, in turn, made me try a little harder to make sure they would be numbers I could stand) and I'm happy to say they are - with only one exception - either the same or better than they were for week 8. I took way too long catching back up and I've more than eaten (ha, pun kind of intended) through the buffer zone I had built up. There are ~30 weeks left and I have 38 lbs left to lose. Doable, but I can't afford another two months of backsliding and then catching back up.

Weight: -12 lbs
Upper arm: -.9 inches
Chest: -2.5
Waist: -2.0
Hips: -2.0
Thigh: -2.25
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Not sure why, but lately I've found myself thinking about a time when I was sitting in a college library, just reading, and a doctor/teacher from the nursing department came in, saw me, noticed my birthmark, and sat down and started talking to me about it. He said it was beautiful and even asked me if it was okay if he examined it. I was like, "sure, whatever," and so he did, right there in the library, touching my chin and my neck and moving my hair out of the way. Though he asked how far down my chest it goes, he didn't go lower than my collarbone. Is it weird that I wasn't phased at all? That sort of thing has never happened before or since, so it's not like I'm used to it or anything. In fact, adults tend not to (noticeably) react to it at all, and I can almost forget that other people can even see it. It's usually only kids who express their curiosity in their tactless but charming way. I invariably explain that I was born like this and it's where the angels kissed me ;) Some kids buy it more than others.
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Weight: -12 lbs.
Upper arm: -.75 inches
Waist: -2.25
Hip: -1.75
Thigh: -2.25

At this rate I will be 117 lbs at the end of the year. Ha! No, that's junior high weight and I have no desire to get down quite that low.

I also think I'm going to stop posting these weekly. I'll still weigh and measure every week, because this is one Excel spreadsheet where I actually like to see red numbers ;) But I'll probably only put it up here biweekly or monthly or maybe just when I hit benchmarks like every five pounds or inch or two. Eh, those benchmarks look like they'd come out to a monthly post anyway so I think I'll just figure on that.

I have also realized, belatedly, that I should have taken a "before" picture. Oops.
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Written for [livejournal.com profile] darkarts_ldws round four, challenge one: ritual scarification featuring Regulus Black and a canon character of the writer's choice.

Title: The Measure of A Man
Word Count: 500
Rating: PG 13
Warnings: none, other than the prompt

What if he wasn't strong enough to withstand the pain? )
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Weight: -11 lbs. !!!
Upper arm: -0.75 inches
Chest: gonna stop posting this until I'm done breastfeeding
Waist: -2.5
Hip: -1.5
Thigh: -1.75

I forgot to post my stats for last week and now I can't find the paper I wrote them down on. But this week is woohoo! The first ten pounds went down ahead of schedule.
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Alan's store had their end-of-(fiscal)year employee party on Sunday, and my lovely Mom came up to stay with the kids so we could go out and have some grown-up socializing. There was bowling and laser tag and an arcade and potluck and much fun was had by all. Perhaps too much fun for them's of us who are out of shape. Two games of laser tag seemed like a fine idea at the time, but the next day we could barely walk. Alan was sent home from work on Tuesday because he couldn't stand up straight. Only just today was I able to walk up the stairs at work without wincing. The cane I got for my birthday was looking like a rather practical gift, actually.

I seriously have no idea how we could have hurt ourselves so badly and not realized it at the time.
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It's tax time again and I'm back at work. It's going well so far: we actually have several people who had their stuff together early this year. So I've had a few days that were significantly busier than usual for this point in February. But busy is good! I've noticed that I work faster with a big stack of files on my desk than I do with only a few. And of course, the more returns we get done sooner, the less hectic April is going to be.

We have a good temp for the front desk this year. She's organized and isn't afraid to ask questions if she isn't 100% sure about something. And [livejournal.com profile] firey_fairy and I are both perfectly happy to answer them. We'd much rather that than listen to the wrath of AuntBoss.

I put together a client the other day whose gross income was 100k+. And they had a 13k+ refund. Damn. I would love to make that kind of money and not pay tax on it.

Our refund this year was bigger than last (woohoo, child credits!), and the very day after it came through one of our tires finally gave up the ghost. We've been watching them warily for months. One was patched a while back, one had a nail in it and couldn't be patched, our spare was gashed, and the other two were damn near bald. Thank you, tires that carry my babies and husband, for holding out so long. So with five new tires and proper alignment, the car handles beautifully now; in hindsight I realize it was really terrible before. No wonder our gas mileage was crap.
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Still doing pretty good, numbers-wise. As far as lifestyle change goes, though, I could be doing a bit better. I haven't been exercising at all, and I know these kind of results aren't going to continue on diet alone for much longer. BUT I have discovered Pandora, and created a "beat" station so I intend to use it to dance like a maniac once the kids are in bed and before Alan comes home, so that should help. :D

Weight: -9 lbs.
Upper arm: -.5 inches
Chest: +3.75 (what I wouldn't have given for this in high school!)
Waist: -2 = below 40"!!!!! yay!
Hip: -1.75
Thigh: -1.5

So I treated myself to a new pair of work pants A SIZE SMALLER than the last pair of jeans I bought, back in December. More expensive than just getting a belt for said jeans, yes, but _so_ much more gratifying.
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Well, the first month went out with more of a whimper than a bang. Alan's folks came into town this past week, and unfortunately I let entertaining them distract me from following the meal plan. :( Luckily, everything pretty much just held steady, so at least I haven't lost any ground. Man, it's a thin line between "kind of not really following the plan" and still managing to drop some pounds and inches, and "not following it at all but thinking I'm making good choices" and holding steady. Evidently my "good choices" thing still needs a bit more practice before I can take the training wheels off.

Weight: -7 lbs
Upper arm: -.75 inches
Chest: +3.5 (am starting to think I took that initial measurement on a particularly, um, "deflated" day)
Waist: -1.25
Hip: -1.75
Thigh: -1.5
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Things are going pretty well. The diet is successful so far, even when I"m not 100% at following it. I haven't noticed a difference in my clothes yet, but my wedding ring is spinning around my finger, so yay baby steps.

Morgan got dance lessons for Christmas, so we took her to a allet class and a hip hop class to see which she wanted to do, and she chose ballet. No surprise there. She's enjoying it and even practices at home. We need to work on her flexing her feet, though, since all the toe-pointing might cause her feet to relapse. She's also been getting piano lessons from Mom. I finally set up the keyboard I've had since high school (and haven't had room for since then). She's shaping up to be quite an accomplished young lady.

Alan is going back to school, taking the one class he needs to finish his Bachelor's. I'm so proud and excited for him. Part of me misses school and is a little jealous. Okay, it isn't actually school I miss so much as just learning, studying something I find interesting. Alan is sojazzed, he's already read half his textbook. I'm also envious of his speed-reading ability. Seriously, my husband is like Superman. He's amazing.

Liam's doing all right, too. He's a little behind on some developmental milestones (crawling, babbling), but okay on others (fine motor skills like picking up his binky and putting it in his mouth). We've been making our own baby food with the Baby Bullet we got for Christmas, which is fun for us and he seems to be enjoying most of what we make. He isn't a big fan of rice cereal or milled oatmeal by themselves, but if we mix them with some fruit or veggie he'll eat just about anything.

It's tax time, so I'll be working again. It'll be nice for the budget, but challenging since we live farther away and still only have one car to get Morgan to school and ballet, both Alan and me to work, and Alan to school (thank goodness only one night a week). And obviously someone has to be with the baby at all times, so yeah. My fantastic Mom is helping by coming up 2 or 3 times a week. I wish we could keep her around all the time, but I think her husband would object ;).


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