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I don't really have a purpose for this post, other than to share this pic I took of Liam at our family Easter party yesterday.

Liam at Easter

That look on his face is so perfectly him, I just can't.
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Okay so that's been forever. :-s Sorry guys.

Things is good, in fact that's why I've been pretty quiet around here. Found a couple of panfandom rp comms and have made some great connections with the other players and am having a shitton of fun playing Ronon Dex on board Serenity, and Scarlett O'Hara who is now married to Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin (don't look at me like that, it actually works!), and a very slow-burn relationship building between Janet Fraiser and Wolverine (again, trust me, not as weird as it sounds).

I have also discovered tumblr in the meantime. Oh god. That place is a bigger timesink than facebook. More fun, too, fortunately, but yeah, not so good for productivity.

Except when that productivity is writing. 'Cause almost a month ago, an intriguing historical au prompt for Rumpelstiltskin/Belle came across my dashboard, and it's been eating my brain and I have a TWENTY CHAPTER outline and the rough draft of the first chapter is already about 3k words and I'm only 2/3 through what's supposed to happen there. Sooo yeah this is shaping up to be a frakking novel and if I take only two weeks (that's rather fast, for me) to write each chapter, I'll be at this for the better part of a year. It's... kind of terrifying. I haven't written fanfic of any kind since *blows off the dust and cobwebs* February of _last_ year. And I've never tackled something this big. *wibble*

So I'm kind of scared but also super excited and I'm trying to get at least this first chapter together before I get sick of the whole idea, and then hopefully get some momentum going to carry me through the rest. My rp Gold/Rumpel, [livejournal.com profile] chianagirl, is being a fantastic cheerleader and sounding-board and I like having someone to talk to as I write and who shares my giggles whenever the characters have an amusing interchange because she gets all the inside jokes.

The kids are great: Morgan just started FOURTH GRADE on Thursday, Liam is walking but still only babbling vowel sounds and glottal stops (where'd he learn that?!), though there are several words/commands/requests that he understands and with which he complies with gratifying frequency.

We've bought our tickets to New Zealand for [livejournal.com profile] allova's wedding next year. Yay! That'll be a lovely trip and some nice time just the two of us because the kids are staying home with my mom.
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I finally got smart and decided to write a catch-up post when there isn't something big hovering over me. So, nothing big and "news-worthy" but lots of little general life stuff.

Morgan )

Liam )

Home )

Alan & me )
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Things are going pretty well. The diet is successful so far, even when I"m not 100% at following it. I haven't noticed a difference in my clothes yet, but my wedding ring is spinning around my finger, so yay baby steps.

Morgan got dance lessons for Christmas, so we took her to a allet class and a hip hop class to see which she wanted to do, and she chose ballet. No surprise there. She's enjoying it and even practices at home. We need to work on her flexing her feet, though, since all the toe-pointing might cause her feet to relapse. She's also been getting piano lessons from Mom. I finally set up the keyboard I've had since high school (and haven't had room for since then). She's shaping up to be quite an accomplished young lady.

Alan is going back to school, taking the one class he needs to finish his Bachelor's. I'm so proud and excited for him. Part of me misses school and is a little jealous. Okay, it isn't actually school I miss so much as just learning, studying something I find interesting. Alan is sojazzed, he's already read half his textbook. I'm also envious of his speed-reading ability. Seriously, my husband is like Superman. He's amazing.

Liam's doing all right, too. He's a little behind on some developmental milestones (crawling, babbling), but okay on others (fine motor skills like picking up his binky and putting it in his mouth). We've been making our own baby food with the Baby Bullet we got for Christmas, which is fun for us and he seems to be enjoying most of what we make. He isn't a big fan of rice cereal or milled oatmeal by themselves, but if we mix them with some fruit or veggie he'll eat just about anything.

It's tax time, so I'll be working again. It'll be nice for the budget, but challenging since we live farther away and still only have one car to get Morgan to school and ballet, both Alan and me to work, and Alan to school (thank goodness only one night a week). And obviously someone has to be with the baby at all times, so yeah. My fantastic Mom is helping by coming up 2 or 3 times a week. I wish we could keep her around all the time, but I think her husband would object ;).
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My ultrasound-determined due date has come and gone. I tried to be good and patient and gave it a couple days before trying to take it upon myself to get things going. On Saturday I drank some castor oil (PSA: don't do this on an empty stomach). Sunday I exercised as much as I could - my feet greatly protest carrying around all this extra weight - and engaged in some labor-inducing activities with my husband ;). Monday we drove out to Rocklin to investigate this famed lots-of-spicy-toppings Prego Pizza, which was surprisingly delicious (I'm usually a minimalist when it comes to toppings). But nothing. No blip on the radar. Not even a false alarm, other than the continued Braxton Hicks. After two nights spent crying and praying and I JUST WANT MY SON I have decided that the ultrasound and the nurses' little date-wheel thingy are bogus and his real due date is the one I initially figured, knowing my own less-than-perfectly-regular cycle and possible conception dates: May 21st. So that has helped to alleviate some of the anxiety because seriously, I was going crazy. I can now look back on all the Facebook messages and texts to Mom (who has been living on our couch since last Wednesday in anticipation of taking me to the hospital any minute) and be touched that I have so many friends and family who are excited to hear news, instead of getting just a little more depressed every time I have to reply, "nope, nothing yet." So thank you guys, all of you, for caring.

My next appointment got bumped from Thursday to Friday (ONE MORE DAY OMG YOU PEOPLE ARE KILLING ME), at which they'll do a non-stress test and ultrasound to see where everything's at and make sure it's all still okay, and if I'm lucky and my nurse can reach - *mumblegrumble* stupid deep birth canal and posterior cervix - I'll get my membranes stripped to see if that'll get things moving. My brother might get a nephew for his birthday after all. Hopefully no further medical induction will be necessary; I'm normally a "better living through chemistry" type but in this case it makes me nervous.

We have, at least, got a lot done in the meantime ("Maybe he was waiting for us to do _this_ before coming out..."). Popa finished fixing the cradle and it's all set up in our bedroom with sheets and everything, just waiting for a little body to lay in it, and the house is mostly put back together in the wake of the attendant great furniture shuffle. We looked into local schools and took a couple tours with principals and applied for an intra-district transfer and Morgan has been accepted to one of the two schools that were tied for our first preference. Yay! This school has a very strong focus on the arts, both visual and performing. _Full-time_ art and music teachers, which is remarkable for a public school. They have GATE and a Rapid Learner program, which I'm certain Morgan will qualify for, and we have an appointment for an IQ test on Sunday to prove to people other than her mother how brilliant she is ;). The RL program also includes Spanish instruction, which the regular "neighborhood" track doesn't, so she won't lose what she's learned the past two years at her private school. We've given Morgan's pediatrician a heads-up that I'm expecting another child and he'll be covered under my Medi-Cal and that's all good. Paperwork I'd been stupidly dragging my feet on - pre-registering at the hospital, filling out the forms for maternity benefits - has been done and all submitted to where it needs to go. Mom took Morgan in for a long-overdue dentist appointment this morning and got x-rays confirming our suspicions about what's going on and yes, she's going to need rather a lot of orthodontic work. *sigh* So we found an orthodontist and have an appointment for the 31st to go in and do a consultation.

So yeah, all responsible and grown up and shit. Can I have my son now, please?

39+ weeks

May. 9th, 2011 03:10 am
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Well, no new baby for Mother's Day. Oh, well, it would have been neat. Especially as Mom and Dad were already in town 'cause we had lunch/ice cream together.

I was telling the nurse at my last exam, it's like when you're baking brownies. Toward the end they start to smell real good so you check them but they're still gooey in the middle so you set the timer for two more minutes and then check again, and in the meantime your house is filling up with this maddeningly nom brownie smell.

Feels like my timer is stuck on "two more minutes." I'm _so_ ready to meet him and be done with this waiting around. Actually even the waiting wouldn't be that bad if I knew for sure when The Day would be so I can go on with life and not have to second-guess every little twinge and then be disappointed. Morgan has a spelling bee on Tuesday that I'm not sure now if we're going to make it to. Castor oil has never sounded so appealing. Not that it really sounds appealing at all, but you know.

We turned the apartment upside-down the other day, moving furniture around to make room for my old cradle in our bedroom. Well, I say "my" because it was made while Mom was pregnant with me, but I think pretty much all of the family have used it at one point or another. It's still at Popa's; there's some fiddling with dowels he needs to do with it. Mom has been poking at him to get it done but it's the kind of thing that will only take a few hours to do and then it's a matter of letting glue dry overnight, so he hasn't been feeling timely pressure to get to work on it. So Morgan and I went up the other day "just" to see him, since it's been a while, and to take one of our new family portraits for him to add to the collection on his fridge, and without me even having to mention it, he brought up the cradle and how he ought to get to working on it. Eeeexcellent, my clever plot succeeded!

So anyway, in the meantime our place is an absolute mess, but at least it's more of a "you just moved in" mess than a "you live like slobs" mess. Bookcases were moved, so every horizontal surface in our living room is covered with books (and damn we have a lot of books). Two dressers were moved, and for some reason Alan emptied the drawers to make them light enough to move, instead of just pulling the drawers out and then putting them back in once the dresser's in place. So there are more stacks and piles of clothes all over our bedroom floor than there usually are and it makes navigating especially tricky for her whose balance is not so great right now.

I'm feeling great, other than the frustration of waiting. I took Morgan on a Daisy field trip on Friday and a friend's birthday party on Saturday, and got lots of surprised looks from other parents when they asked my due date and I replied "next Thursday." I know I started with the "any day now" thinking back at week 37 when he was technically full term, but now I really really mean it. He, however, seems perfectly cozy and content just to hang out. :P I keep trying to tell him it'll be way more comfortable when he's out and we can hug him instead of being all squished up in my belly.
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So I had this idea, way back in December, to be clever and write a memory/story of my past every day for the thirty preceding my birthday. Then in late February I was all "maybe for the month of March" then three weeks, then one week. Obviously none of the above happened.

I'd love to say it's because I'm busy doing interesting things, but it's the lack of anything interesting that's kept me from posting much. Pregnancy continues apace (33 weeks now); I'm doing well, he's doing well, my kidney has calmed down, my belly button has yet to pop and that weird dark line hasn't shown up yet this time. My belly is itching like crazy, so he's still growing, and I just switched from cocoa butter to olive oil as the former hasn't done much to keep the stretch marks away and the latter comes recommended by a mother of _three_ with no stretch marks at all. So we'll see.

Today's been a mellow day indoors as rain hoses down outside. Proper birthdayness will happen tomorrow, with brunch with the family at our favorite Irish pub downtown. Morgan is desperate to make me a cake but I'm not sure I want those leftovers in the house. My nurse is frowny about my weight gain ("Let's try to keep it to a pound a week, okay?"); look, I'm not eating or doing anything different than I have been all along, so if suddenly I'm gaining faster, that's all the Rabbit. Groceries on our budget are not excessive, and frankly if I eat much less I'll make both of us sick. So.

Oh, Morgan got her report card yesterday, and it's FANTASTIC. Straight A's and no concerns. I am proud beyond words. The only dark spot is all the tardies, which are entirely Alan's and my fault (she doesn't drive _herself_ to school in the morning, after all). I think that's the only thing keeping her from getting Citizen of the Month more often, given the teacher's comments on report cards and progress reports throughout the year, so we need to get our sh!t together in the mornings because that isn't fair to her.

Work is going smoothly. Kind of remarkably so, actually. We've worked out the kinks of most of the problems we were having at the beginning of the season. Or at least it seems so from my perspective. There may be issues with bookkeeping/payroll/business clients that I'm unaware of, but as far as my particular desk and its tasks go, things are cooking right along.

Aand now I think I'll curl up on the couch and watch some Netflix.
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So I'm now in the third trimester. Things are going well except it seems my left kidney is going, "Aaaaagh, too much work!" and has me at a pretty constant pain level. Not debilitating, not really interfering with life, but I do shift around quite a bit trying to find a comfortable position. Sitting, standing, laying down, doesn't matter. At first I thought it was my back, but application of heat packs and massage from [livejournal.com profile] kiwifruitbat don't do a _thing_, and the location is consistent and specific. My NP says the best thing to do is flush it with lots of water (as if I'm not already drinking a ridiculous amount of water every day), and lay down as much as I can as it's easier for kidneys to function in that position. Didn't know that.

Unfortunately, laying down almost invariably leads to falling asleep, no matter what time of day it is and what is happening around me. TV when I'm on the couch, Alan on the computer in the bedroom, broad daylight, doesn't matter: I zonk. Not quite as bad as the first trimester, where I felt compelled to nap all the time; now at least as long as I stay upright I'm good, but if I lay down I'm out for the count.

Speaking of, my nurse now has me doing kick counts, and the first night I did it, I followed the instructions that say to "lie down on your side in a quiet room without distractions." Oops. I got to eight and then I was OUT. So I do my counts sitting up now. Still try for minimal distractions because I understand it's also kind of the first stages of bonding with the baby.

Morgan is still super excited. She snuggles my belly when she crawls into bed for morning hugs, and today while we were up visiting Dad, whenever I told him I felt a kick so he could feel it, she'd rush over and put her tiny hands on my belly before he had a chance to. I had to remind her a few times that she gets to feel the baby all the time and Grandpa never had yet, which she would take in good grace, but then promptly forget. I think she's going to be a great big sister, as long as we can keep that possessiveness in check.

Part of the reason for the trip up the hill was to get Morgan's old baby stuff out of the storage unit, so we could clean it up, take stock of what we already have so we know what to register for, etc. Dad's unit is in the way back of the facility, and there's about a foot and a half of snow on the ground that had yet to be driven over or walked on or anything. So of course we had to have a snowball fight. The snow was perfect for it, too. Nice and packable so it didn't just disintegrate mid-flight, and yet exploded beautifully on contact and didn't hit too hard. Yay for the forethought to wear our hiking boots, and for Dad having tons of extra gloves and mittens and shell jackets handily laying around. Morgan's jeans got wet up to her knees but she didn't seem to mind at all. I swear she got her father's thermostat. And Dad deliberately fistailed the car on our way back through the facility, which was fun (once I realized he was doing it on purpose and did in fact have control), though I suspect our tracks are going to make the next person to come through nervous. ;)

Work is... work. By the time I come home and vent to Alan about the latest drama with our new tax program or whatever else is going wrong at the moment (something new every week at least), I don't have much energy to blog it, so y'all are spared teh dramaz. I'll just say that working for a tax preparer at this time of the year is probably everything you could imagine it might be, and leave it at that.

Now to sit on the couch and _not_ fall asleep while I do tonight's kick count.
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Face in profile, and yes, that's a foot hovering just above the nose.

Apparently most of y'all knew something I didn't. I hadn't thought I was particularly expecting one way or the other until the ultrasound showed us something that was decidedly _not_ merely a hand between the legs or a kink in the umbilical cord (link might of course be considered nsfw), and I realized I was surprised by it. He wasn't at all shy about that, but the profile? Took us _half_ the time we were there - and some twisting and contorting on my part - to get him to move his arm out of the way so we could get a clean shot.

I have a firstborn daughter, Alan has a firstborn son, everybody wins. ;)
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We have our ultrasound today; weigh in with your thoughts so you can say, "I told you so!"

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