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Been a while, hm? Weeks 9 and 10 I merely held steady, and week 11 I started actually creeping back up the scale, so by week 12 I hadn't wanted to post. But it's the end of another "month" now and I decided I would post my numbers today no matter what they were (which, in turn, made me try a little harder to make sure they would be numbers I could stand) and I'm happy to say they are - with only one exception - either the same or better than they were for week 8. I took way too long catching back up and I've more than eaten (ha, pun kind of intended) through the buffer zone I had built up. There are ~30 weeks left and I have 38 lbs left to lose. Doable, but I can't afford another two months of backsliding and then catching back up.

Weight: -12 lbs
Upper arm: -.9 inches
Chest: -2.5
Waist: -2.0
Hips: -2.0
Thigh: -2.25
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Weight: -12 lbs.
Upper arm: -.75 inches
Waist: -2.25
Hip: -1.75
Thigh: -2.25

At this rate I will be 117 lbs at the end of the year. Ha! No, that's junior high weight and I have no desire to get down quite that low.

I also think I'm going to stop posting these weekly. I'll still weigh and measure every week, because this is one Excel spreadsheet where I actually like to see red numbers ;) But I'll probably only put it up here biweekly or monthly or maybe just when I hit benchmarks like every five pounds or inch or two. Eh, those benchmarks look like they'd come out to a monthly post anyway so I think I'll just figure on that.

I have also realized, belatedly, that I should have taken a "before" picture. Oops.
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Weight: -11 lbs. !!!
Upper arm: -0.75 inches
Chest: gonna stop posting this until I'm done breastfeeding
Waist: -2.5
Hip: -1.5
Thigh: -1.75

I forgot to post my stats for last week and now I can't find the paper I wrote them down on. But this week is woohoo! The first ten pounds went down ahead of schedule.
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Still doing pretty good, numbers-wise. As far as lifestyle change goes, though, I could be doing a bit better. I haven't been exercising at all, and I know these kind of results aren't going to continue on diet alone for much longer. BUT I have discovered Pandora, and created a "beat" station so I intend to use it to dance like a maniac once the kids are in bed and before Alan comes home, so that should help. :D

Weight: -9 lbs.
Upper arm: -.5 inches
Chest: +3.75 (what I wouldn't have given for this in high school!)
Waist: -2 = below 40"!!!!! yay!
Hip: -1.75
Thigh: -1.5

So I treated myself to a new pair of work pants A SIZE SMALLER than the last pair of jeans I bought, back in December. More expensive than just getting a belt for said jeans, yes, but _so_ much more gratifying.
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Well, the first month went out with more of a whimper than a bang. Alan's folks came into town this past week, and unfortunately I let entertaining them distract me from following the meal plan. :( Luckily, everything pretty much just held steady, so at least I haven't lost any ground. Man, it's a thin line between "kind of not really following the plan" and still managing to drop some pounds and inches, and "not following it at all but thinking I'm making good choices" and holding steady. Evidently my "good choices" thing still needs a bit more practice before I can take the training wheels off.

Weight: -7 lbs
Upper arm: -.75 inches
Chest: +3.5 (am starting to think I took that initial measurement on a particularly, um, "deflated" day)
Waist: -1.25
Hip: -1.75
Thigh: -1.5
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Feeling positive about negative numbers!

Weight: -7 lbs
Upper arm: -.5 inches
Chest: +3.5 (but that's down from last week so woo!)
Waist: -1.0
Hip: -1.5
Thigh: -1.75

At this rate I might just have to buy a new swimsuit this summer. ;)
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I don't know what happened, but I was horrible about following the menu plan this week. Almost none of the meals looked appetizing so I made a lot of substitutions, but tried to stick as close as I could to the food exchange values on the plan. My sleeping was bad, too: I stayed up late a lot, which meant that the following morning I either slept in or was too hurried for breakfast. Ick.

The numbers came out okay, though, which is a good sign that I'm at least being more conscious of what I eat and making better choices, which ultimately is what this whole thing is about. I say 50 lbs because that'll get me to the weight I was before I got pregnant with Morgan, but honestly I just want to feel healthy again and if that happens at a different weight, I'll be cool with that.

Weight: -4 lbs (cumulative, not just since last week)
Upper arm: -.25 inches
Chest: +4
Waist: -.5
Hip: -1
Thigh: -1.25
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Toward the end of last month, I decided that this year I would finally lose all this extra weight I've been carrying around ever since my first pregnancy, and in general just learn to make healthier choices. I have approximately fifty pounds to lose, and there are approximately fifty weeks in a year: more than enough time to break a bad habit and replace it with a good one.

Of course I had this dream of just radically changing my eating habits and never looking back. Well, this past week didn't go like that, and in hindsight I realize it's probably better that I didn't shock my system that much. I followed the meal plan probably 80% of the time, though I didn't drink nearly enough water. But baby steps, right? And the results aren't too shabby:

Weight: -3 lbs
Upper arm: +.25 inches
Chest: +1 (still nursing, so take any changes here with a grain of salt)
Waist: -1.5
Hip: -1.25
Thigh: -.5
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Weight: -7 lbs. (-1 since last week)
upper arm: -.75 in. (+.25)
chest: -1 in. (+.25)
waist: -1.25 (no change)
hip: -1.75 (-1)
thigh: -1 (+1.5)

Belated report because I spent this weekend out on the boat helping Mom and Rich prepare for the 4th of July. Not great results since last week but overall I'm pleased; I think that's good work for the first month. At this rate I should be down to my target weight in three more months. Alas, _after_ swimsuit season. That's a bit slower than I had originally hoped for, but it's probably healthier, and still fits into my overall plan for the remainder of this year. We're looking to move in August/September, so that'll be a nice fresh start. New house, new body, less clutter, better eating and exercise habits. Yeah, that sounds nice.
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weight: -6 lbs (-1 since last week)
upper arm: -1 inch (no change)
chest: -1.25 in. (-.5)
waist: -1.25 in. (+.5)
hip: -1.75 in. (-.25)
thigh: -2.5 in. (no change)

Yick. I wish I could blame it on the plateau phase that I understand pretty much all diets go through, but it's really all just being sloppy. I think I was getting complacent with how easy this diet is to follow (and how little it even really feels like a diet). One night neither of us felt like cooking, and Morgan was bugging us for macaroni and cheese, so we had that instead. And I think any good that might have been done by walking around Great America yesterday (my calves are killing me) and adrenaline getting my heart pumping was canceled out by the hot dog and pretzel I had for lunch and the Carl's Jr for dinner on the drive home (chicken sandwich instead of a burger, but still). *sigh* And speaking of instead-of-burger, I think I'm actually kind of going off beef. Like, my fast food cravings aren't bacon cheeseburgers anymore, now they're for KFC. Weird.

It would have been nice if I hadn't had to learn the hard way, but at least now I know exactly how much I can "splurge" and still be okay: one night of fast food/junk is okay, two or three is not. I'm glad I have two other weeks of very good results to kind of offset this week's mediocrity. The upside is that, since we didn't eat what we were supposed to, we still have that food in our refrigerator and thus the grocery bill for _this_ week will be much less. Which reminds me we need to go shopping today.
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Not a full diet report; I'll wait 'til the end of the week for that, but I just had to share that when I stepped on my scale this morning I have finally dropped below 150!!! May I never see that side of it again (unless I'm pregnant).
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Weight: -5 lbs. (-3 since last week)
upper arm: -1 in. (-.25 since last week)
chest: -.75 in. (-.5)
waist: -1.75 in. (-1.5)
hip: -.5 in. (-.37)
thigh: -2.5 in (-1)

I can't see it yet when I look in the mirror, so I had to check my measuring tape wasn't broken this morning. Eeeeeeeee!

This last week was a bit of a weird one; we couldn't follow the menu exactly because we couldn't afford a grocery run, so we just paid attention to the food exchanges and made do with what we already had in the house. Nice to know that works, and very encouraging for the future. The system is set up for four weeks, and looking at the numbers, I'm not going to lose the 15-20 pounds I want to in that time. But by the end of it I should have much healthier eating habits that will carry through, weight loss or otherwise.
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weight: -2 pounds
upper arm: -0.75 inches
chest: -0.25 inches
waist: -0.25 inches
hip: -0.12 inches
thigh: -1.5 inches

That's with two days of "oops" while visiting Mom, so it could have been even better. Still, wow!
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Morgan's first tooth just fell out!

Cheese! Swiss cheese, that is )

As when she first discovered it was loose, she wasn't sure what was going on and so freaked out a bit, especially when she saw there was blood: "Blood isn't good." I explained that blood is okay, it's the body's way of cleaning an ouchie. Then her mood dramatically improved when she realized the tooth fairy will be visiting tonight. Funny how that works, huh?

Tried my hand at homemade chili tonight, and it actually came out all right (green bell pepper and canned diced tomatoes and all). Could have used a bit more zing, though. Maybe next time I'll throw in some garlic or something. Even Morgan liked it, before a carrot in the salad precipitated Teh Drama.

Strawberries and fat-free Cool Whip were yum for dessert. Alan likes his tart but it was almost _too_ tart for me. Pretty much the only strawberries I eat are those in strawberry shortcake, which are of course heavily sugared.

My arms are sore from yesterday's workout, as I expect my legs will be tomorrow. I need to invest in an adult-sized jumprope, as Morgan's kept hitting me in the head.
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So the first day went well, except for my attempt at exercising with Morgan in the room. She wanted to join in, which was fine and even kind of cute, until she got mad at me for monopolizing our one and only Swiss ball. Sorry, Monkey, priorities.

The "spicy pork and vegetables" for dinner was good, and I actually ate the bell peppers and onions and everything. I should have taken a picture because no one in my family will ever believe I ate bell peppers. Brown rice instead of white is going to take some getting used to, though. I love inappropriate starches way too much.

Also, bananas do not go in the microwave. Yick. Dessert was half a banana (lengthwise) with peanut butter, and vanilla yogurt with cinnamon, but heating it made the banana mushy and the p.b. weird. At least for me. Alan seems to think it was fine.

I even managed to drink ten glasses of water. Man, I have not made such frequent bathroom trips since I was pregnant ;). I understand that will lessen as my body gets used to me drinking more.

Only one splurge, 'cause as I was sitting here writing this I got hungry so I indulged in a whole _ten_ mini-pretzels. *gasp* But I did housework at my grandfather's for an hour and a half this afternoon (scrubbing bathrooms) so I think I'm still on the right side, calorie-wise.
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Mm, that lunch salad was surprisingly yummy!

1/2 small apple (or pear), cored and thinly sliced. Toss with 2 tsp. lemon juice. Add 1 stalk of celery, diced; 1 oz low-fat cheddar cheese, cut into small cubes; 1 tbsp. low-fat mayonnaise; toss to coat. Serve on 4-5 large lettuce leaves and season to taste with salt and pepper.

Looks like I won't starve on this diet, after all.
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*blows off the dust and cobwebs*

So, well, that was a hiatus. Unintentional, and of course the longer it went on the more material I would have to cover in a catch-up post so I avoided writing one and more and more time went by.

What started the whole thing was that the day after my birthday (and my last post), my grandmother died. It was... sudden, but not unexpected, if that makes any sense. She was diagnosed with an apparently nasty type of brain cancer back in September, and for several months not too much changed. Then it just came on hard and fast in the last month and threw the whole family for a few loops. I think we're all still just trying to adjust.

I've been in a bit of a funk ever since, probably mostly unrelated, or maybe this is how I deal with grief and I just never knew it. I've been staying up late (3am) and sleeping in late (noon), not leaving the house very much except to buy groceries and occasionally pick Morgan up from school. Alan has been great at picking up the slack, and part of me wonders if knowing that he will do so has allowed me to go on this long. The end of the semester has slipped past, so now I'm pretty sure my GPA is irreparable. No idea how I'm going to tell Dad. I think Mom has figured it out (she usually does). My cousin (who is three years younger) just got her BA in Fashion Design - today was her graduation party. While I was there I was very proud and excited but now that I'm home it's kind of depressing.

I just lost my train of thought.

I've been reading a lot, watching a lot of hulu and netflix. I honestly can't account for most of the time I spend; I manage to fill days and weeks with absolutely nothing. How is that possible? I feel like I'm in some kind of vegetative state or something.

Morgan has her first loose tooth. Looks like it'll come out in the next day or two.

Also recently we had our first serious parental discipline: Morgan screamed at her preschool teacher so when she got home we put her on time out, and she flipped (despite earlier telling us that if she were still at school that's what would have happened). We'd never really had to do something like that before, so I think she was thinking that home was like a safe zone or something. Part of me hates to take that feeling away, but the rest of me knows that she needs to learn even at home there are consequences.

I began an attempt at spring cleaning. It lasted about as long as that sentence.

Tomorrow I'm going to start a diet/lifestyle change. I went grocery shopping for it tonight and blew right past my budget. It's so unfair that healthy food is so damn expensive. Anorexia looks more and more like a viable alternative.

Kidding, really.

The kicker about going onto a diet is going to be resetting my internal clock. I'm going to have to actually WAKE UP (God forbid) and eat breakfast, though the meal plan seems to have been written for people like me, and nearly all the breakfasts are little-to-no-preparation things like meal replacement bars or shakes or cups of fruit or yogurt, etc. And I'll have to not stay up so late that I need a midnight snack - which my body thinks of as dinner, because the meal five hours earlier was of course "lunch." _How_ did I get onto such a weird schedule?!

Um, so, I'm back now. Thank you to those who missed me. I'll try not to disappear again.


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